N ello Olivo makes primarily Italian wines and blends from 11 varieties of estate-grown grapes. His efforts to make "the best Italian wines under the California sun" result in smooth, well-balanced, robustly flavored wines, popular with wine-enthusiasts, competition judges and anyone who loves delicious wines—especially with food.

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Sequoia Mansion home of Nello Olivo Winery tasting room

Placerville Tasting Room - more info

Placerville Tasting Room
643 Bee Street, Placerville

Mon-Wed Closed
Thur-Sun 11-5

Nello Olivo Winery tasting room Camino under construction

Camino Tasting Room

Camino Tasting Room NOW OPEN
3544 Carson Road, Camino

7 days a week

News & Events

Nello Olivo President's Day Sale

2019 President's Day Sale

Get UN-PRESIDENT-ED prices this weekend....just $19.71 a bottle for 2015 vintage red wines!
Nello Olivo and Carson Road Wineries present Winter Wine Adventure

Winter Wine Adventure

Nello Olivo Winery as part of Carson Road Wineries presents Winter Wine Adventure with wine, food, a fun scavenger hunt and beautiful foothills winter scenery. Get tickets now!
Dieci, a wine that honors Nello Olivo's tenth vintage anniversary

New Release: Dieci

Dieci is a special limited red blend, crafted to honor Nello Olivo's 10th vintage anniversary.
Nello Olivo Winery private cellar tastings

Book a Private Cellar Tasting!

Relaxed, small group, guided wine tastings in the historic wine cellar of Sequoia Mansion.

Meet The Grapefather

N ello Olivo IS The Grapefather. The father of vineyard and vine. The wine whisperer of gentle voice and commanding words so the grapes know who's boss! Hang around him for a while and he'll tell a few stories — even legends — but some things he'll never tell. The Grapefather's best secrets come inside bottles. Pull the cork and you'll know.


Super Tuscan Style: A Wine for Rebels

What happens when the head of a 600-year-old family Italian winery breaks with staunch Italian wine laws and uses an unsanctioned grape variety (gasp!) to make a higher class Chianti wine?

Piero Antinori rocked the wine world when he blended non-Italian Cabernet Sauvignon with the holy grail of Italian wines—Sangiovese—bringing to market a new “Super Tuscan” wine.

Other wine producers joined the rebellion because the new wine sold like crazy and at higher prices. (Also, well, this was the 1970’s and people didn’t want to follow the rules, they wanted the rules to follow them!)

By the 1990’s Antinori’s revolt did help change the laws. Today Super Tuscan style wines lead a movement that inspires winemakers to be free and creative in their craft.

Nello blends Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with Sangiovese (all estate-grown) to make his Super Tuscan Style wine. It has many fans and usually gets on our TOP 5 bestseller list without breaking any rules.

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