N ello Olivo makes primarily Italian wines and blends from 11 varieties of estate-grown grapes. His efforts to make "the best Italian wines under the California sun" result in smooth, well-balanced, robustly flavored wines, popular with wine-enthusiasts, competition judges and anyone who loves delicious wines—especially with food.

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Come Taste!

Sequoia Mansion home of Nello Olivo Winery tasting room

Placerville Tasting Room - more info

643 Bee Street, Placerville

Mon-Wed Closed
Thur 11-5, Fri-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5

Nello Olivo tasting room on Carson Road, Camino California

Camino Tasting Room

3544 Carson Road, Camino

7 days a week

News & Events

A trio of wines to honor Nello Olivo's mother, Rose Olivo

Mama Rose's Trio

In time for Mother's Day, a trio of delicious wines in honor of The Grapefather's 101-year-old mother, Rose Olivo.
Nello Olivo Winery hosts a River Cruise Wine Adventure

Join Us On an Enchanting River Cruise with Wine!

This Fall we're floating down the Rhine River on an enchanting wine adventure! Join us.
Two great Nello Olivo wines...Barbera 2016 and Super Tuscan 2015

Double-Barreled Release

We've released two great wines....both multi-award winners. Barbera 2016 and Super Tuscan 2015.
Nello Olivo Winery private cellar tastings

Book a Private Cellar Tasting!

Relaxed, small group, guided wine tastings in the historic wine cellar of Sequoia Mansion.

Meet The Grapefather

N ello Olivo IS The Grapefather. The father of vineyard and vine. The wine whisperer of gentle voice and commanding words so the grapes know who's boss! Hang around him for a while and he'll tell a few stories — even legends — but some things he'll never tell. The Grapefather's best secrets come inside bottles. Pull the cork and you'll know.

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