N ello Olivo makes primarily Italian wines and blends from 11 varieties of estate-grown grapes. His efforts to make "the best Italian wines under the California sun" result in smooth, well-balanced, robustly flavored wines, popular with wine-enthusiasts, competition judges and anyone who loves delicious wines—especially with food.

Come Taste!

Sequoia Mansion home of Nello Olivo Winery tasting room

Placerville Tasting Room - more info

Placerville Tasting Room
643 Bee Street, Placerville

Tues-Thurs 11-5
Fri-Sun 11-7

We're excited about our new Camino tasting room currently under construction and due to open in October 2018.

News & Events

Olivo's 2015 Primitivo is here.

Meet Our 2015 Primitivo

Our newest Primitivo is delicious and continues a line of Primitivos that friends and club members have loved from the beginning.
Nello Olivo Sinfonia - semi-dry white wine

Sinfonía is Back for An Encore

After a long intermission, Nello's lightest wine is in stock for summer celebrating.

The Wine Train Rides Again This Summer

Wine and dine with The Grapefather on an open-air train car at sunset.
Nello Olivo Winery private cellar tastings

Book a Private Cellar Tasting!

Relaxed, small group, guided wine tastings in the historic wine cellar of Sequoia Mansion.

Meet The Grapefather

N ello Olivo IS The Grapefather. The father of vineyard and vine. The wine whisperer of gentle voice and commanding words so the grapes know who's boss! Hang around him for a while and he'll tell a few stories — even legends — but some things he'll never tell. The Grapefather's best secrets come inside bottles. Pull the cork and you'll know.

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